Visa-free EU travel for Russians as a first step for reaching out – MSC-Chef Ischinger

This would contribute, according to to Overcome the in four years, existing disagreements between Russia and the West. However, the MSC-the chief is aware of the fact that this would run counter to the European policy prevailing point of view. “We have, of course, Ukrainians and Turks visa-free entry allows you to”, he argues, and asks: “Why could this not also on Russians to expand. This would be a Signal for more openness of the West and for his willingness to be a broader dialogue with Russia.“

The Russians would also have nothing against suspected Ischinger, if the Western border of their country could be the safest of all its borders.

“Why do you see a danger?”, he asked the question. “Many of us are of the opinion that Russia should consider us as his greatest credit, as a excellent neighbors on its Western edge, there is no danger.”

He wanted to know whether the participants of the forum share this view.

The head of the Munich security conference noted with satisfaction that the trade between the EU and Russia according to the statistics, in spite of the sanctions is growing. “German exports to Russia have increased last year by about 20 percent. Have increased also the imports from Russia. In this respect, our economy has been affected by the political decisions of the past four years, feels, at present, is not worse than before. Nevertheless, everything behaves politically, not so good.“

At the same time Inger complained about, it had not been for Russia and the West in General, impossible to agree on anything, even, “why are we together agree. Between Russia and the Nato member States, the depth differences are in the assessment of the current situation. And this gap will tear more and more.“

In the course of the discussion, Inger tried to organize a kind of Brainstorming to get the answer to the question, “how is our relationship to each other would be against the Background of the confrontation between the West and Russia remodel, which is due to the different conception of international relations”. To overcome the stagnation of the Minsk process, he has asked, for example, the Problem of the deployment of UN peacekeeping forces on the territory of Donbass, to solve.

“If we don’t find a way to heal this open wound, we will not be able to get us out of this precarious situation.”

In the case of the Primakov-conference is a prestigious international Forum for experts, diplomats and politicians in the memory of the Russian scientist and statesman Yevgeny Primakov. This year’s theme was: “the risks of an unstable world order”. At the Forum 65 leading experts from 22 countries, as well as a good 600 Russian experts took part. On the international rank list of the Primakov-Forum is ranked 7. Place among the 10 best conferences in the world.

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