PROFILE/ the Count of the records, charge 2 times in 8 days

In the first, but also in the second Republic, and not a few politicians have risen several times to the Quirinale to lead a government. Giuseppe Conte tonight, establishes a record hard to surpass: to be called twice, at a distance of a few days (eight), to receive from the president of the Republic the task of forming an executive, all after a single election and a ‘gestation’ duration of 88 days. And if the first attempt came to a halt on the name of a minister, Paolo Savona, to the Economy, this time the list of ministers is ready. Professor Conte, graduated in Rome, professor of private law at the faculty of Law in Florence, up to fifteen days ago he was a good lawyer (with a major study in Rome) and, for many of his students, an excellent teacher, capable of having a good relationship with many of them after the examinations. Outside these areas, few knew him. Said to have voted to the left but in the autumn of last year, the friendship with Alfonso Bonafede brought him closer to Luigi Di Maio, with whom he also collaborated in the drafting of a part of the electoral program of the Movement 5 stars. From here, first indicated as a possible minister, “spirit of service”, then as premier, the step was short.

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