‘Iran has lied. Want to 5 atomic bombs like Hiroshima’

On the nuclear “Iran has lied”: the said Benyamin Netanyahu, who has stated that Israel came into possession of the dossier, nuclear secrets to the iranians”, that reveal that, in spite of the agreement with the western powers as of 2015, continued with the same nuclear program, aiming to have at least 5 explosive devices as qauello dropped on Hiroshima. It is – stated Netanyahoi in his message to the nation, “one of the greatest successes of the intelligence that Israel has never achieved”. And Donald Trump, who has expressed the intention to denounce the agreement with Tehran, has exulted: “This shows that evevo reason to 100%”. I’m sure, “said the israeli premier – who Trump will do the right thing”.

“I’m sure Donald Trump has said he will do the right thing” when it will decide whether the Usa should or not remain in the agreement on Iran’s nuclear. The right thing for the Usa, the right thing for Israel and for peace in the world. The premier then said that the Usa, with which they were shared the information, have guaranteed “the authenticity of the secret archives obtained from Israel.

“The secret services of Israel, said Netanyahu, they managed to get 55 thousand documents relating to nuclear projects, which include photographs of crime, projects, and other documents”. For the israeli prime minister, Iran plans to acquire at least five nuclear devices are similar to those of Hiroshima. Its missiles can strike thousands of kilometres away, he warned.

“The agreement on nuclear is based on lies,” said still . “Iran has lied when he claimed not to have had a program for the production of nuclear weapons. Even after the agreement, he added, ” Iran has continued to protect and extend their knowledge about nuclear weapons, for future use. Iran has lied again – he stated, “in 2015, the international Agency for atomic energy”.

“What happened today that has happened recently shows that I had reason to 100%”. He said the president of the United states Donald Trump by answering questions about the agreement of the iranian nuclear programme after the intervention today of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Trump has called a “situation that is not acceptable” and that relating to the iranian nuclear program. “You will have seen, I have seen it in part,” he added, referring to the intervention of Netanyahu. On the imminent expiry of a decision on the agreement of iran, Trump has repeated: “we’ll See what happens. Will not tell you what I will do, but many believe to know.”

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