Mogherini: ‘Netanyahu did not put in doubt the agreement’

“From what we have seen from his presentation, the prime minister (Israel), Netanyahu has not put in doubt the fulfilment of Iran,” the agreement on nuclear power,which “is not based on good faith or trust, but on concrete commitments, verification mechanisms, and a strict monitoring of the facts”, which certify as “Iran fully respects the agreements”. Writes in a note on the High representative for the Eu’s external policy, Federica Mogherini.
“First of all, he writes, the reaction may be only preliminary, because, as is obvious, we need to do a verification in the details” as set out by Netanyahu, “see the documents and obtain the opinion of the Iaea (the Un agency for atomic energy, ndr)”, because the latter “is the only organisation to be impartial, the international that has the mandate to verify the commitments of Iran”. “I have not seen on the part of Netanyahu subjects who test a violation by Iran of an agreement which “was created precisely because the parties there was no trust.”

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