Syria: IS-terrorists in US-controlled Zone of the Russian General staff

According to Gerasimov, the Syrian government freed troops have received under the leadership of the Russian military Advisor to a major combat experience, in the current year 387 places of the radical Islamists. More than 23,000 extremists had been killed in the process. The de-Escalation areas in Eastern Ghouta, Homs and in the South of the country were now under the control of the government forces.

From the de-escalation zones had been conducted on the specially created humanitarian corridors, more than 230,000 civilians. The “irreconcilable” fighters had been allowed, in the province of Idlib and in the North of Aleppo province, leave the country.

In these humanitarian operations there have been no victims among civilians and fighters of the “moderate Opposition”. More: “more Than 40,000 fighters in the armed units of the “moderate” Opposition joined the government forces,” the Russian chief of the General staff. The fighters are supposed to voluntarily have 650 weapons and military vehicles delivered.

The number of violations of the ceasefire by the armed Opposition had declined after the formation of a demilitarized Zone in Idlib much. This confirmed the effectiveness of the negotiating format of Astana, the activities to a peaceful settlement of the Syrian crisis, aims, Gerasimov.

In the context of this Format is on 24. November will be a “pilot project” for the exchange of hostages and detainees between the Syrian government and the Opposition been implemented.

The active Phase of the military operation for the elimination of the armed groups on Syrian territory had already been in December 2017 completed, – said Gerasimov: “Today IS*fighters are just to the East of the Euphrates river, on the territory controlled by the United States. The Rest of the armed units of the radical groups, led by “Jabhat al-Nusra”, concentrate in the de-escalation zone Idlib,” he said.

The slumbering terror would have taken to cells in the East of the country, active actions, and with the expansion of its zone of influence began.

“In the West of Syria, there was also the occasional fighter groups, and “slumbering” IS-cells. However, they were troops of the Syrian government and intelligence services vernichtetet. The Situation is under the complete control of the government,” said Gerasimov. “In the East of the country, such measures have not been taken,” he said.

“On the contrary, let’s see how the US-led international Anti-terrorist Koalition and the controlled units of the Democratic forces of Syria (SDF) since six months, not be able the defeat of the IS forces in the vicinity of the city of Hadschin “, he raised.

According to Gerasimov, the above-mentioned military operation for the reconquest of a two and a half to three kilometers wide and 25 kilometers long strip. “According to the combat experience of the government a task of such a kind can be met troops in the course of one to two weeks,” said the Russian General.

Russia had proposed the United States, the US military base in At-Tanf to reduce and control the nearby border crossing together. The U.S. side failed to deal with the Russian proposals go unanswered.

The United States would their presence in At-Tanf with the need to justify the Iran counter the supposedly the section of the Syrian-Iraqi border to the relocation of its weapons and military technology.

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The Russian military reconnaissance follow regular convoys, the Ölzisternen from the Anti-IS coalition-controlled areas in Turkey as well as in Iraq, would promote, said Gerasimov. “With the Oil trade of money earned funds to be spent for the financing of the IS-terrorists in the territories beyond the Euphrates,” he said.

The location on the Eastern Bank of the Euphrates, where the United States on the Syrian Kurds are based and would try, by the Central government independent, quasi-state Structure to create, lace, Gerasimov.

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“They (the United States — editor’s note. d. Red.) a government of the so-called Democratic Federation of Northern Syria,” he said. The US-Americans would separately support separatist moods of the Kurds with arms shipments and the oppression of Arabs by Kurds allow.

* The Islamic state, IS, in Russia illegal terrorist Association.

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