Levite makes the mood for Green: “liars are not allowed to enter Europe in the garbage”


Der Pianist Igor Levit ist der Stargast zur Eröffnung des Grünen-Parteitages.
The Pianist Igor Levit is the star guest at the opening of the Green party of the day.(Photo: picture alliance/dpa)

Friday, 09. November 2018

Of Issio Ehrich, Leipzig

The star pianist Igor Levit occurs at the party Congress of the Greens. His visit is short, but concise. Levite puts on Bach and Beethoven – and a few high-pitched tones, with AfD and Horst Seehofer settle.

At the party Congress of the Greens, a writer meets a pianist – and still ring out in shrill tones. Because both are political beings. Robert Habeck, author of the Green-chief, receives the musician Igor Levit, known for his sharp-tongued comments are almost as for his brilliant piano playing.

Levite uses the party tags stage for phrases like these: “I will not let Europe to be entered by lying to the blisters in the garbage.” He speaks of “screaming, figs parties” and of politicians who don’t even have the guts to stand for 15 minutes, the “bullshit” that you have just said. And he speaks of the hatred that is wafting through Europe. In Leipzig’s exhibition hall is all clear, who is the star of the pianist criticized because: the right-wing radicals and right-wing populists in Europe, the AfD and the CSU in Germany. The appearance of the star pianist at the Green is short, but concise. And not just because of the few high-pitched tones, but also because of the thoughtful.

“What is it with you, if people demand it, the term ‘Nationalist’ in the use of language?”, ask Habeck. “It hurts me deeply,” says Levit. Levite is a Jew, he came in 1987, in present-day Novgorod in Russia to the world. His family emigrated when he was eight years old, to Germany. He remembered well how he speak as a first grader made, better English than all of his classmates, says Levit.

Grünen-Chef Habeck (r.) und Levit sprechen über Antisemitismus.

Green-chief Habeck (R) and Levit are talking about anti-Semitism.(Photo: picture alliance/dpa)

To be years later all of a sudden politicians are reminded to be still of the Migrant, hurt. As a “second stab in the heart” be it, if it wants to appease minded that he was not, however, mean to explicitly. “I don’t need to wait until one of them says: ‘The Jews are the mother of all problems’,” says Levit, and attacks of the CSU chief Horst Seehofer directly. Had declared the Migration to the “mother of all problems”. “When one is attacked, we are all attacked,” says Levit.

The desire to “correct” the left party

On Green party days, it is common that not only politicians. Maintain performances of voices from business, science, society, and culture. At the party Congress by the end of 2017, for example, the head of the Potsdam Institute for climate impact research Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber follow and also the Berlin Jew and Holocaust Survivor Hanni Lévi. In 2016, among other things, Daimler chief Dieter Zetsche at the Green was, in 2013, refugees were from Africa, on the stage, the goods escaped across the Mediterranean to Europe.

Levit is an exceptional pianist. And not only musically. He stands out among his colleagues, because he makes no secret of his political Beliefs. In particular, in the case of classical musicians, this is very rare. His Beliefs, particularly his opposition to racism, misogyny, and social injustice.

Levit is not only a musician, is also reflected politically, for him, music and politics belong together. At the Green he plays the last movement of Beethoven’s ninth Symphony – the “Ode to joy”, the anthem of the European Union. In an interview with Habeck, he quotes from the Text to the piece. “All men are brothers,” it says. “This is not a romantic Transfiguration, but a continuous work order to all of us,” says Levit.

In the past, Levite, put plakativere musical Statements, as he paired works by Beethoven and Bach with variations on South American revolutionary songs. The Green came up with the idea to invite him to the party Congress, also has due to the fact that the Levite and admission is extremely active on Twitter for his attitudes. Every day, he usually sets a plurality of short messages. He makes it about the Conservatives, Jens Spahn, and Erika Steinbach, funny, pale over U.S. President Donald Trump and desires publicly to a “right,” the left party in Germany. At the same time, he makes a certain amount of sympathy for the Greens, who are last month, in the middle, nevertheless, no secret.

Green-chief Habeck visit Levits inspired to Philosophize: “The soul of the piano is the artist who brings it is politically Sound,” he says, and asks the Levite to play something else. Levit is Bach’s Aria from the Goldberg variations. He describes the piece as “something in words to a Human”.

Source: n-tv.de

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