On the curtain on the cancer, to the theater to clear the disease

Patients and doctors don’t want to know, the word cancer as a synthesis of the incurable evil, he has no sense. The novel therapies allow for a life expectancy that for a good percentage is equivalent to that of the general population. And now – say the experts – look at cancer as a chronic disease, neither more nor less. And the clearing of the disease is the goal of a theatrical performance of a group of guys: young cancer patients and medical students who will be on stage with ‘out of office’, a theatrical performance dedicated to the experience of cancer at a young age.

A story from the book of James Perini (who plays himself) suffered a osteosarcoma at 18 years, while preparing for the Maturity. “Today, I can say that the most beautiful part of my life is this. The disease has given me a new life, with more meaning. Has given me the opportunity to help others by telling. I need to find the exact words for what I had”. Phrases that Giacomo, 22 years, tells the story with aplomb and heart. With a natural charisma, the son of his powerful ability to react to a disease devastating.

“The experience at the theatre and serves to empty the pain of his negativity – he says – is for the people who are not capable of doing the same things and who to me is close. People that I want to take my load, free from thoughts ugly. I think of what I give and what I can give I”. “Recite my story on a stage I has lightened. Because of cancer you live”, he ends with his sweet smile and strong. “Ben is a show that brings into the scene the normality of the life of a young patient, healed of the fears and stigmas social that usually accompany it,” says the presentation of the Play, Francesco Cognetti, director of medical oncology at the regina Elena institute of Rome.

The show will be staged on the 12th of November at the Teatro Ambra Jovinelli in Rome, the 19 in Milan at the Teatro Manzoni, December 15, in Bari, on the 28th of February in Pavia, and Naples.

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