MauAR: mobile phone App lets Berlin wall rise again

Around 160 kilometres, the Berlin wall ran through the divided city and divided the Eastern part (“the capital of the GDR”) by the West. In the night from 09. 10.November 1989 the wall was opened after more than 28 years of their existence. Now you can recreate the wall, at least on the IPhone, to the historical original places. Augmented Reality (AR) is called the technique in the real world with computer-generated elements. A prominent example is the game “Pokemon Go”, to hunt virtual monsters in the real world.

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AR and GPS localisation, use of the Berlin-based developer Peter Kolski and Sebastian Strauss for their iOS App “MauAR”.

You are standing at the Brandenburg gate, the view is obstructed on passing cars and people on the other side of the road, the direction of stroll the Pariser Platz, on the phone monitor. A sign warns: “caution! You are now leaving West Berlin“.

Apple CEO Tim Cook was interested in the project, he took the almost an hour time to meet Peter Kolski at the Brandenburg gate. According to the Berliner Zeitung (BZ) liked to Cook, especially the enthusiasm and the idealism of Kolski and ostrich. He referred to the developers in the conversation as a pioneer in the field of Augmented Reality.

On the Smartphone you can see the Berlin wall from all perspectives. Strauss says, according to the BZ: “The common experience is to bring together the people.”

You can jump from decade to decade and from a barbed wire fence the high concrete wall. Historical Videos, photos and sound recordings to show how it was in divided Berlin.

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Kolski says to BZ: “You take the cell phone down, and the wall remains in the memory.”

“For us, it’s this immersive experience,” says Strauss, according to BZ. “You should really get a sense of what it means when a city is divided by a wall.”

The Material for the AR application which comes from the archive of the Berlin wall Foundation. The idea for the App had arrived Kolski a year ago during the hackathon “Coding Da Vinci”, a competition in programming and muses. The App will initially be only available from the Apple Store. From the 09. November you can register on the waiting list.

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