All three on stage: “Dear Friedrich, dear Annegret, dear Jens”


Die drei möglichen Merkel-Erben demonstrierten Versöhnlichkeit.
The three possible Merkel-heirs, and demonstrated forgiveness.(Photo: dpa)

Friday, 09. November 2018

By Benjamin Konietzny

For the first Time, you are all three: AKK, Jens Spahn, and Friedrich Merz, in Berlin, in a sense, the starting gun for the race to the Merkel successor. The stresses conciliatory tone this could still change.

Each of the three candidates brings with it a different expression. But all three realize how unusual the Situation in the Konrad-Adenauer-house. In the high Foyer of the employees of the CDU on the railings-Central gathered the interest of the media is, once again, rieisig. “This is a special process”, says Jens Spahn. Something more sober Kramp-Karrenbauer, Annegret: “A new Chapter.” The surprise candidate, Friedrich Merz, there are the Gestures: He tries too clear Smile, you could say that he can’t actually grasp what’s going on here. “I am delighted to be back here,” he says slyly.

With a short press conference, the three candidates in the race to Merkel’s succession is opened at the CDU in the top final. To go to the Convention in December Kramp-karrenbauer, Spahn and Merz want to convince the party’s regional conferences. Then the three disappear in the Board room of the Konrad-Adenauer-house and keep talking to your first Application – in the case of the women’s Union, the largest Union Association.

Home game for the ACC: The Board had voted previously already clear for you. Therefore, you can leave it in a relaxed approach and repeated a few sentences from their official candidate’s speech on Wednesday. Angela Merkel had made room for a new Chapter. The CDU now had to make something of it. It calls for a higher representation of women, and that important topics such as digitization and security to the wife thing would have to be. “Women need to feel safe in Germany,” she says. And one thing is still important: “Dear Friedrich, dear Jens, I am looking forward to this fair competition.”

“Back to the old strength”

The two conservative competitors Merz and Spahn are not, apparently, by You: “dear Annegret, Mr Merz”, Spahn, “we all feel: it is Now time to begin a new Chapter”. Spahn would lead the Union to its old strength and “encouragement and responsibility back to win”. The CDU had to make sure again of the values, “which hold the country together”. In the past few years, the “Gap had become” overly dominant. Criticism of the Merkel Era? No. Spahn sings the praises of the past explicitly as “18 years”.

In his Job as Minister of health he learned, that the whole profession would be taken of the field of women, “from Doctors and nurses,” says Spahn. The compatibility of Job and family in this area should be better, he demands.

“Dear competitor and the Competitor”, is located Merz, the competition formally, “I am delighted to be back here.” He also tells of his experiences from the world of work: He had noticed during his activities in the free economy, the importance of the reconciliation of work and family. And he calls for the policy to be a better role model: “equality legislation is required, is in order,” he says. “But it must also keep the policy.”

Merz also said that his goal was that the CDU remains a “people’s party, which is able to integrate to the political center”. The “Fraying at the edges” had to be stopped, even reversed. “How can we return to old strength?”

All three candidates are committed to a friendly interaction with each other. But, above all, between the Conservative Spahn and Merz, there are significant substantive intersections, which could exacerbate the competitive battle. The race is on to Merkel’s successor might be in the case of the eight regional conferences significantly more ambitious than in the case of this very conciliatory appearance.


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