The next EU-renegade? For Poland, it just goes to the handle in other pots of money

In fact, neither the majority in Poland, Tusk wish for such a scenario. In any case, so far. Poland belongs to the EU-optimists, though it is also no longer as optimistic as a few years ago. According to the Eurobarometer, 70 percent of Polish citizens consider the EU membership to be necessary and are against exiting the EU.

This is explainable. For decades, Poland was the biggest winner in the distribution of EU funds (only a couple of Times it slipped to second place, than Brussels helped inject Greece with financial). Poland is awarded every year to 10.6 billion euros from the EU budget, with only $ 3.5 billion in the EU are introduced. Your EU-optimism feeds so not Ideal, but out of sums of Money.

The former Polish Prime Minister Tusk knows the mood of the Polish society. When he spoke of a possible “Polexit”, he wanted to intimidate rather, the current government might achieve something. His sharp words are also related to personal insults. He had traveled to Warsaw to attend a hearing. Tusk was interviewed by a special Commission of the Parliament, which examines one of the biggest scandals in Poland. It is a question of the collapse of the financial pyramid Amber Gold.

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The scandal surrounding this company has been ongoing for six years. Amber Gold is a classic fraud scheme – the customers who invested in allegedly in Gold, were gains in height of more than ten percent interest promised. In 2012 the company went bust, with approximately 20,000 customers (especially the elderly) have been scammed by the equivalent of more than 200 million euros. The government has been accused of this Schema involved. It is noteworthy that the son of Donald Tusk, some of the time for structures of Amber Gold. For many poles, this is an indication of why this classic pyramid worked for many years smoothly.

The scandal expanded in such a way that Tusk’s party “Civil platform” a disastrous defeat in the parliamentary elections in 2015, imports. However, Tusk moved already to the office of the presidency of the EU ends and apparently had to do with the electoral defeat.

On Monday Tusk was seven hours long humiliating statements before the Parliament Commission, which was broadcast on Polish television live. In what moral condition of the former Prime Minister during the press conference was, you can imagine.

However, there are some important Details. Yes, so far, Poland does not want to get out because of the permanent financial assistance from the EU budget from the EU. But the tide can turn quickly, if Poland is made from aid recipients to donors. This perspective draws ever closer. If the UK exit in the next year without any compensation payments from the EU would give the EU budget a hole in the amount of 12 to 13 billion euros per year. Of course, this one of the largest donors – Germany, France, the Netherlands, is to be stuffed. However, others indicated that they can be asked to pay. Who has been shown as the first outraged? Of course, the poles.

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EU Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker said, however, that the hole stopper with the EU-tax payers, only one Cup of coffee per day – for Europe, you could sacrifice a Cup of coffee.

Currently, debates on the new EU budget that is foreseen for the time being for seven years running. This period ends in 2020, now is spoken of a period of five years. According to the current Plan, Poland will remain among the largest recipients, but EU officials are already talking of a possible reduction in aid to countries that do not ensure an “a functional and independent judicial system”. This is a clear indication to the Polish government, which is accused of the independence of the courts to undermine. Of course, Poland is defending itself against these plans, and will feel hurt.

According to the Polish experts, Poland would immediately exit the question of the EU, once its payments to the EU budget will be higher than the AIDS. This topic is increasingly found more frequently in the Polish media. The “European values”! EU-Optimist, it is only against a fee. At least from the point of view of Poland.

The more in Europe, it is spoken, that Poland refers constantly to the growth of the economy and the prosperity of its citizens, should go to the club of EU donors, the more you listen to from Warsaw the question: “What will we eat, if we don’t get AIDS anymore?”.

But there is also the issue of compensation for Poland from Germany for losses due to the Second world war, wants to get. According to the office for analysis of the Polish Parliament, Poland is entitled to require 48.8 billion dollars of Berlin. Some of the Polish deputies to speak even of 850 billion euros. The poles should feel that soon, you will be asked to pay will increase their demands for reparations in the trillions of dollars.

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