Einstein in 22, dark times for Germany

(ANSAmed) – TEL AVIV, 9 NOVEMBER – “Here you are preparing the times
dark, politically and economically, and I’m happy to
get away from it all for a year and a half”. Albert Einstein
he wrote these words to his sister Maya in August 1922
anticipating well in advance what was going to happen in
Germany, with the arrival of the nazis to power in 1938
they started the pogroms and anti-semitic affairs of the ‘Night of the
Crystals’, portent of the Final Solution in Europe.
The letter from the Nobel prize – that will be auctioned the
next week to Jerusalem from the house Kedem from
12 thousand dollars – was written after the assassination
the nationalists, the German foreign minister, Walter Rathenau,
a jew such as Einstein, and after that the police had warned the
scientist who, as a friend of Rathenau, he was in
danger. ‘Nobody knows where I am – he said to his sister from Kiel
where was departing to Asia – and to think that I am
disappeared. I’m quite well, despite the anti-semites among the
German colleagues’

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