US real estate heritage court: millionaire denies murder of a College friend


Robert Durst plädiert im Fall Susan Berman auf nicht schuldig.
Robert Durst pleaded in the case of Susan Berman, a verdict of not guilty.(Photo: REUTERS)

Friday, 09. November 2018

During the filming of a documentary series admits a millionaire accidentally several murders: A former neighbor is dead, his wife gone. Now Robert Durst is suspected to have a well-Known shot. He denies the fact.

The murder defendant, a New York millionaire Robert Durst has denied the allegations against him before a court in California. According to communication from the public Prosecutor’s office in Los Angeles, the 75-year-old real estate heir pleaded “not guilty”.

He is accused of, to have in the year 2000, his many years of well-Known Susan Berman in Los Angeles shot and killed. The two knew each other since student days in the 60s. A judge in Los Angeles declared that there is sufficient evidence to make the 75-Year-old for the murder of Berman the process.

The indictment suggests that Durst wanted to create Berman out of the way, because they can occur as a possible witness in the case of his 1982 missing wife, Kathleen McCormack. Thirst is suspected to be for the Disappearance of his wife responsible.

Defendant has opened his big mouth in documentary series apparently

Durst had been arrested in March 2015 in New Orleans and a little later to California shipped. He is sitting since then in custody. Previously, HBO-TV documentary, “The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst” (“The jinx: the life and deaths of Robert Durst had been broadcast”). In it thirst was filed, apparently unintentionally, a kind of confession to Murder.

The multi-millionaire was apparently unaware that the microphone was on when he came to washrooms. He muttered to himself: “What have I done? I killed them all, of course.” Later, he said that he had confessed during the filming of under the influence of drugs.

In a dispute thirst in 2001, was shot and killed in Texas, his neighbors and his body dismembered. Two years later he was spoken of but surprisingly because of self-defense. The 75-Year-old had testified to his neighbors accidentally in the struggle for the gun shot.

In the case of the murdered Berman thirst must on 14. January re-appear before the court.


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