Kick: ‘Mourinho fuels tensions’

“What I said to Mourinho? Nothing special, only that there was no need to make that gesture in order not to increase the tension”. Paulo Kick back on the match with Manchester United and the controversy the gesture turned from Mourinho to the supporters at the final whistle. “It is obvious that it is bad and that we-as the players take the insults, but let’s not create more tension than there is – explains to the microphones of Sky, and the argentine -. I have not insulted, I said only that I went”.

Ancelotti: ’90’ insults, I understand Mourinho’ – “I Understand Mourinho: 90 minutes of insults are not easy to bear. And then he made an ironic gesture, it was heavy.” So Carlo Ancelotti coach of Napoli, commented on the controversy the gesture, huffing and final technical United at the Juventus Stadium, after the victory of Champions. “It is true, we have a responsibility as a technical – has added Ancelotti, who in the match of the Napoli in the home side, was long reviled by his former fans – but must finish this story of the insults will continue, and I don’t just mean in Turin. It happens in all the stadiums in italy”. – Ancelotti has answered the question with a joke, bringing his hand to his ear as the spaniard and saying “I do Not understand”. Then he emphasized that: “The real problem, he said, is that it tends to obscure the full 90 minutes of insults. The gesture of the Mou lasted two seconds after 90′ of insults that are not a thing that we only see at the Juventus Stadium, it is a culture of Italian football, it happens in Naples, in Milan. Just. Naples-Psg was played in a great atmosphere tomorrow in Genoa, there will again be a beautiful environment. Just discuss and argue, we live the sport in the most serene way possible”.


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