State wants to return subsidies: France seized Ryanair plane


Ryanair ist der größte Anbieter von Billigflügen in Europa.
Ryanair is the biggest provider of cheap flights in Europe.(Photo: imago/i-Images)

Friday, 09. November 2018

In a dispute with Ryanair, the French government knows no fun: Because the Airline does not repay the unauthorized funds, conceded to France a machine of the cheap party – much to the chagrin of the passengers.

France has seized an aircraft of the low cost carrier Ryanair at the airport of Bordeaux. The Irish Airline should be brought to the market, public funds to repay, informed the civil aviation authority.

The 149 passengers occupied aircraft should fly on Thursday to London, as it was secured. The passengers were able to travel five hours late on the same evening, with another flight to London.

Background a decision of the EU Commission from the year 2014. The airline was then asked to state aid to repay. The airline Ryanair were to have been locally given to the airport and Angoulême, in the years 2008 and 2009, conditions that distort competition. Therefore, Ryanair has to pay out illegal aid, in the amount of 9.7 million euros, as it was then.

State money to Ryanair to have distorted competition

It was regrettable that the state had to resort to this measure as a “last resort”, the aviation authority about the seizure. According to information of the airport of the 149 passengers were already on Board the Ryanair plane and had to leave him finally. The airline there has been no reaction to the incident.

Ryanair is the biggest low-cost airline in Europe. The single Boeing 737 aircraft to fly more than 215 airports in 37 countries and operating from 86 bases in Europe and North Africa. The highly profitable company with headquarters in Ireland and employs some 14,500 people. In the financial year 2017/2018, the company made at 7.15 billion euros in sales, a profit of 1.45 billion euros.

In the current fiscal year, however, the first profit is expected to decline in five years. In addition to high jet fuel prices, lower ticket prices and compensation for passengers, Ryanair looks of the strikes by pilots and flight attendants as a reason. Nevertheless, still a gain of 1.1 to 1.2 billion Euro is expected.


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