Process Ray, Pm: ‘Mayor lied to avoid resignation’. Di Maio. ‘Our code of conduct speaks clearly’

It is the day of the hearing in a process that sees imputed to the mayor of Rome, Virginia Ray, for the crime of forgery in relation to the appointment of Renato Marra to the direction of the department of Tourism of the Capitol. After that you will be heard the former chief of staff of the Municipality, Carla Raineri , the word will be given to the pm for the closing speech. According to the program it will be up to the defense. In the classroom, in addition to the mayor, who has attended all the hearings, and are also the leader of the M5s in the Capitol Giuliano Pacetti. Councillors Peter Calabrese and Angelo Sturni.

The WORDS OF THE RAINERI – “Raffaele Marra had no delegation, was formally the deputy chief of the cabinet, but he was the advisor to the privileged of the mayor”. Is what was said by the former head of cabinet of the Municipality of Rome, Carla Raineri, heard as a witness in the process that sees responsible for the mayor Virginia Rays to false in relation to the appointment of Renato Marra (brother of Raffaele) at the head of the tourism department. Marra, and Salvatore Romeo, the first deputy chief of the cabinet, the second chief of the secretariat policy in August of 2016 “they behaved in a self-referential and arrogant, Marra, at least, maintained a bon-ton institutional, while Romeo was arrogant and rude”. And again: “they were three in a room behind closed doors, meetings that are inaccessible to all if not then the vice-mayor Daniele Frongia. Marra had a very strong influence on mayor. Had been minted various epithets for Marra, gray eminence, “Richelieu”, underlining the weakness of the mayor as that of the tsarina at the time of Rasputin. Anyone who had been placed crosswise with respect to their ambitions was a bad end. I think to me, when I said that I intended to replace the Marra with a general of the Carabinieri in the role of deputy chief of cabinet from shortly after the mayor was asked to come doubts about my appointment”.

The charge – According to the Prosecutor’s office of Rome the mayor Virginia Ray “lied to the head of the anti-Corruption of the Capitol in December of 2016, “because if he had said that the appointment of Renato Marra was managed by the brother Raffaele, would face an inquiry, “according to the code of ethics in force at the time in the M5S, he would have had to resign”. So in the classroom, the deputy prosecutor Paolo Ielo, which has asked the court for the acquisition of the code of ethics M5S in force in 2016. Ielo, therefore, asked the court for the acquisition of the code of ethics M5S in force in 2016 , which provided, in the case of a criminal investigation at the expense of a ‘spokesman’ for his ineligibility or, if already elected, to resign. “If the mayor had told the truth and had acknowledged the role of Raffaele Marra in the choice of his brother – explained Ielo – opening of criminal proceedings against her in would have been quite likely. She was aware that in cases of entry to the model 21 (that is, as investigated in a criminal file, ndr) was in danger, this is the place for this lied. The code of ethics was amended in January of 2017”.

DI MAIO, AND THE CODE M5S – “with regard To the mayor of Rome, I do not know the outcome of the trial, but our code of conduct speaks clearly and you know it”. He said the deputy prime minister Luigi Di Maio, responding to the foreign Press to a question on the process that sees imputed to the mayor of Rome, Virgina Ray.

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