“Europe would only lose”: Moscow responds to the “Ruxit”-a reminder

In the course of a joint press conference on Tuesday with the foreign Minister of Finland, Timo Soini, voice Secretary General Jagland about the danger of a “Ruxits”.

“There is a real risk that Europe will not only have to reckon with the Brexit, but also with a Ruxit is,” said Jagland.

He recalled that the European Convention on human rights sets out the rules of public order for the whole of the European continent.

“If you are a member of the organization, you must also pay the member contributions. This is true for all. If you don’t pay, you may the benefits of membership do not use,“ said Timo Soini, such as Yle writes.

The foreign Minister assured, however, that Finland would do in the course of its presidency of the Council of Europe, all in order to resolve the problems with the contributions of Russia. Because, in his opinion, the withdrawal of Russia would be both for the country itself and for Europe as a bad thing.

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The chief of the Committee for information policy in the Russian Federation Council (Parliament upper house) Alexei Puschkow stressed that Europe “would only lose”, if Russia will leave the Council.

According to the political scientists and economists Igor Kovalev of Russia’s withdrawal from the Euro will be the Council of Europe although problematic, however, not critical damage.

“The course is bad, it deprives us of a major grandstand, which is the one we our point of view can convey. But there are many other organisations and structures. There is the possibility of a bilateral cooperation. Yes, a loss of Contact is always negative. But this will not cause critical damage,“ said Kovalev.

In 2014, the Russian Delegation was deprived of because of the Situation in the Crimea and in the Ukraine the right to vote in the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

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At the end of June 2017, it was announced that Moscow had suspended the payment of contributions to the Council of Europe due to non-participation of the Russian Delegation in the work of the parliamentary Assembly.

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