“I’m a young God”: a 69-Year-old

want to modify, before the court, his age at 49

He felt young and was “super in Form”. Therefore, he was campaigning for the legal recognition of this fact, because he is by his age, “miss, disadvantaged and discriminated against” feel, so Ratelband.

“If I’m on Tinder and it says that I have 69, I get no response. When I was 49 years old, I’m going with the face, I have, in a luxurious Position, “he was quoted by the TV station BBC.

He relied on the evaluation by his Doctors that his biological age was between 40 and 45. “I’m a young God that I can, all girls have, I just want to — but not after I told them that I 69 am”, he is according to the “world” expressed.
If 20 years would be deleted from his age, he could buy a new house, another car driving and more work, so Ratelband.

The man has today, the right sex, to change his political and sexual orientation, or his name, should Ratelband at the hearing set out. Now he would ask the same right for the age.
If his request would be granted waivers, he’s on his pension, so Ratelband. The court should render its judgment within four weeks.

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