Stocks, the ministry of the interior announces the rationalisation

Going to start a rationalization of 585 stocks that are currently in force, 15 of which are for personality, in which there is maximum alert. The sources of the interior ministry, stressing that the issue was addressed yesterday in the course of the national Committee for order and public security. The objective of the minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini is a verification of the protection devices to avoid errors of assessment and, in addition, to prevent abuse and waste.

The stocks currently in force, occupying a total of 2.072 units of the forces of law and order: it is of 910 police officers, 776 police, 290 financiers and 96 the operators of the penitentiary police.

The four categories of protective devices, depending on the level of risk. The highest for today 15 people and undertakes 171 agents. 57 citizens have, instead, the protection of ‘second level’, that is to say, a stock car specialized (383 agents in all) composed of multiple means, while the other 276 citizens the protection on the car for specialised third-level (823 agents, employees) and 237 have a protection on the drive that is not protected, that is to say a supply of fourth level, which involves 695 operators.
Of the 585 names protected by the State, they still are by the interior ministry, nearly half (277) are judges, they follow the political leaders, national and local (69) and business leaders (43).

There are also 21 journalists and 18 government representatives. At the regional level, the largest number of stocks is concentrated in Lazio and in Sicily, respectively with 31.6% and 21.9% of the measures of national protection. Follow Calabria (12,5%), Campania (12%), Lombardia (7.2%). In addition to the services of the escort, in addition, the State provides 38 services supervisory fixed with 221 persons involved 18 police, 56 police, 147 units of the army.

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