Traffic light coalition still possible?: Hessen-SPD gets a whiff of a second Chance


Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel will die schwarz-grüne Regierung mit einer Ampelkoalition ablösen.
Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel want to replace the black-green government with a traffic-light coalition.(Photo: imago/Ralph Peters)

Friday, 09. November 2018

According to the known glitches in the Hesse Election could shift the majorities in the Parliament. For this case, the SPD is ready for a “Covenant promises-wide role model in style and result.”


In the face of a possible shift in the final result of the Hesse state elections, the SPD expects to take chances on a detachment of the black-green government. “We are rich Greens and the FDP in Hesse, the Hand to switch to in our country to the future,” said SPD chief Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel, the “mirror”. There is a majority without the CDU.

His party is ready for a government coalition, “a nationwide model is in style and result.” A traffic light coalition would create “affordable housing for all, a social-ecological transport policy, in fact, to make, and a departure in the educational policy and digitization.”

The CDU, the strongest force in the Parliament had adjourned its actually for this Friday’s scheduled decision about who you go into coalition negotiations. You want to wait for the official final result, the on 16. November to come.

The background is that the overhaul of the SPD at the end of the Green, and the second strongest force. This could have consequences for the formation of the government. Because the FDP only open to talks on a mathematically possible traffic light coalition of the Greens, the SPD and the FDP, if the SPD would make the head of government.

In General, the party claimed in a coalition with the majority of the second, the office of the Prime Minister to vote for. In the night of the election, a slow computer system had delayed the counting. In addition, there was in the Frankfurt districts in significant mishaps with wrong values submitted. The city has corrected its error in the meantime. However, it will also be checked elsewhere in the state of Hesse nor the results of the election, in part, is also counted.


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