Elections: a domino effect riconteggi, 4 seats reassigned

After many twists, the framework of the new Parliament should be final. The courts of Appeal and the Supreme court have given the go-ahead to the composition of seats in the Chamber of deputies and Senate, that will seat next Friday, march 23.

The case from which it all started was the seat contested in Calabria between Forza Italia and Fratelli d’italia, in particular between Maria Tripodi (FI) and Fausto Orsomarso (FdI).

The courts have ruled that the seat of the forzista Tripodi at the expense of Orsomarso. The seat lost from Orsomarso causes a chain effect: Fdi will be reassigned a seat in the Veneto region, and the throne will go to Luca De Carlo, mayor of Calalzo di Cadore (Belluno), at the expense of the Alloy, which, however, will fetch a seat in Trentino-south Tyrol, awarded to the league Stefania Segnana.

In turn, she always in Trentino, Michaela Biancofiore (FI), which, however, – thanks to the pluricandidature – would, in Emilia Romagna, where he will have to immediately step Francesca Gambarini (FI).

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