Pope Francis at the vigil of Easter, breaking the silence

Numbed, paralyzed, stunned, resigned. We are silent and do not do anything “to win so many injustices that they live in their flesh and so many of our brothers and sisters.” And then on the night of Easter we must win our “attitude pusillanimous” because, our hope is to transform “into concrete acts of charity”. Pope Francis launched a strong appeal in the easter vigil: “we Want to participate in this proclamation of life, or shall we remain silent before the events?”. And then, not to give in to the ‘always done it this way’, you have to exit from the routine, overwhelming”, by our silences, overwhelming, repeated Francis, to challenge “our determinisms uniformanti and paralyzing”, “to break the habits, the repetitive” and “to renew our life”.

It is a call, that of Pope Francis in the Easter night, the most important celebration for the christian community, to “spend our lives and our energy, intelligence, affections and will in the search, and especially in generating paths of dignity”. The rite of the easter vigil began in the atrium of the vatican basilica with the blessing of the fire, then the solemn procession with the paschal candle and the mass during which Pope Francis has baptized eight adults from Albania, Italy, Nigeria, Peru and the United States of America.

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