Italian Broker killed in Mexico, to pm involved in illicit affairs

Alberto Villani, the broker pavese 37-year-old, who was killed in the south of Mexico, “was involved in illicit affairs”. And supports the office of the prosecutor of the State of Morelos in a statement, without, however, providing more details. The press release also reveals that the dead body was discovered on 20 march last year Tlaltizaplan: the broker had arrived in the Country with a tourist visa on the 24th of February.

the Italian investigators in Mexico
(ANSA) – PAVIA, 31 MAR – In the next few days, investigators of the Prosecutor’s office of Rome should leave for Mexico, to work closely with the police the mexican investigating the murder of Alberto Villani, the broker pavese 37-year-old killed with two shots of a revolver to the head while he was in Mexico for a business trip. In conducting the investigations, in fact, is the mexican police, in close contact with the Italian authorities. The Ministry of Foreign affairs are closely following the story. The corpse of Alberto Villani was found, closed in a lot of black plastic, in the city of Tlatizaplan, in the south of the Country, a hundred kilometres from the capital City of Mexico. Next to the body was found a sign that read “This happened to me to be a thief.” Second, advocates Astrid Rodriguez, the 28-year-old wife of Villani (a native of El Salvador), it was a move his killers to derail the investigation. The fact that they are gone suitcases Villani and his personal effects (including four rings of gold,) could also think of a robbery degenerated into murder. But the police also follows other tracks, such as the one of the possible complications linked to the deal that Villani was following in Mexico (along with some of the members was working on the construction of offices of a financial company. Astrid Rodriguez, a mother of two kids of 4 years and 4 months old and born from the relationship with Villani, has heard for the last time, the companion on the phone in the evening of 20 march. After you have looked in the days following, has filed a complaint of disappearance in Italy. Monday, march 26 the police has found the body of Alberto Villani.

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